Applications and Effects


Holistic Pulsing (HP) – The Power of Softness is a holistic healing technique and life approach life that is beneficial at any age and for any condition – to improve health, to heal physical or psychological problems, to enhance relationships, to permit self-discovery, and to better the quality of life on every level. It is extremely effective for the treatment of children, the elderly, pregnant women, and those in need of rehabilitation.

On the physical level, HP can treat and heal acute and chronic problems, including:

  • back and skeletal problems
  • flexibility and movement difficulties
  • headaches
  • joint pain
  • foot pain
  • varicose veins
  • edema
  • high blood pressure
  • constipation
  • respiratory problems
  • sleep disorders

HP is effective in treating many diseases, such as

  • diabetes
  • fibromyalgia
  • phobias and fears
  • ADD/ADHD and all forms of hyperactivity, learning disabilities, and attention disorders
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • arthritis
  • chronic fatigue
  • lack of self confidence, or low self-esteem

One of the most important effects of the rhythmic pulsing is in balancing all the layers of the bodymind, especially the hormonal system. Therefore, it is recommended for alleviating problems of:

  • adolescense
  • PMS
  • pregnancy
  • post-partum
  • menopause

The nervous system recognizes the hypnotic rhythm of the pulsing and relaxes within minutes, making HP effective in treating:

  •  tension
  •  stress
  • anxiety
  • chronic and acute depression

Because the repetitive pulsing creates balance between the hemispheres of the brain, children with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder find that they are able to concentrate better and function more effectively after even a few sessions.

HP is beneficial for everyone since it is a powerful tool to heal relationships; the HP workshops teach techniques that can be used with family members, spouses or partners, children, or work colleagues.

Because, the pulsing technique is a form of non-verbal communication, it can bypass conflicts and reach straight to the heart of the matter, to the basic loving. When HP becomes a part of the home, the atmosphere changes for the better.

HP treats trauma with gentleness and softness (and, as a matter of fact, each and every one of us is a trauma victim in one way or another). It is a handy tool to alleviate crises and traumas, and can be administered in the family setting, or professionally. Indeed, professional practitioners are able to help people suffering both physically and psychologically, because HP is a form of treatment that integrates the psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of a person instead of focusing on only one of them (leading to an imbalance.)

HP retards the aging process and rejuvenates. The rhythm and movement “lubricate” every joint in the body and stimulate the circulation. (There is a dramatic difference after only one treatment, imagine what would happen after a course of treatments!)

While volunteering and working with the elderly in Harzfeld Geriatric Hospital and in a senior daycare center, we noticed in our senior patients marked improvements in respiration, sleep quality, flexibility, and ease of movement; and reductions of edema and high blood pressure. Even more importantly, were significant changes in their mental health; even those with deep depression discovered a new will to live and a return of their joie de vivre.

HP easily locates blockages in both the pulsee and the pulser (!) and easily dissolves those blockages in both! The bi-directional quality of HP astounds everyone.

HP stimulates the flow of the immune system, and helps drain poisons that accumulate within our cells, including medications, chemotherapy drugs, addictive drugs and any other biochemical addiction. During pulsing, important neurotransmitters are released into the body. Pulsing is a substitute for a pharmacy; the body has its own medicines available. Serotonin, for example, which is responsible for balancing the digestive system and ensuring quality sleep, is released during the pulsing, and so, with the help of HP, trauma-induced insomnia, can be reversed without drugs.

But one does not have to wait for pain or disease to strike to reap benefits from HP. Pulsing is a wonderful tool for preventing disease and maintaining good health, as it clearly strengthens the immune system and gives it the power to resist seasonal diseases and infections.

HP even reduces traffic accidents. Drivers who has had holistic pulsing are more relaxed, and less liable to enter into confrontations with their fellow drivers. When the nervous system is relaxed, senses are sharpened and even travel is safer.

While HP is complete on its own, it can be combined with other treatment methods to increase their effectiveness. And here it is important to reiterate that HP is not just mere rocking, but a psychotherapy process that bestows tools for personal empowerment.

In conclusion, Holistic Pulsing – The Power of Softness  is one of the most direct ways for achieving self-discovery, self-love of body, and self-acceptance, allowing us to grow, change bad habits, and fulfill all our capabilities and potential.

For more information, please see our books.

Holistic Pulsing – The Power of Softness and Cancer Patients

HP helps cancer patients deal with their daily routine and significantly improves their quality of life, physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Physical effects

  • soothes the nervous system and reduces pain
  • drains poisons, improves the digestive system, balances the hormonal system, and strengthens the immune system
  • improves sleep quality
  • offers clear supportive rehabilitation during chemical and radiation treatments, and reduces and relieves their side effects

Psychological effects

  • increases optimism, the will to live, a positive outlook, and joie de vivre
  • helps the patient choose life and take responsibility for his healing
  • empowers the patient to deal with stress, think positively, etc.
  • effects a definite, positive change in the patient’s approach to self, surroundings and life in general

HP is a handy tool for the family, aiding them in supporting both the patient and themselves. HP can be combined with and enhances all other treatment methods.

The Power of Softness – Holistic Pulsing, by Dr. Tovi Browning, gives detailed explanations of the method, which can be healing for both patient and family.

Dr. Tovi Browning – Developer of the Method

Dr. Tovi Browning, N.D., D.O., 1957 – 2016

Tovi Browning was born in Israel. In the late 70s, she went to London to study osteopathy (skeletal medicine), craniopathy (cranial medicine) and natural medicine.

She specialized in the study of the bodymind, Gestalt, and primal and postural integration. She has worked in clinics around the world and has taught and lectured at various international conferences.

Her search for a loving approach that is not based on “the bitter pill,” and which merges all the various layers of the human being – physical, psychological, and spiritual – led her to develop the perfect method known today as “The Power of Softness” or “Holistic Pulsing.”

While in New Zealand and Australia, she wrote the book Gentle Miracles (1990), which has been translated into various languages. The revised English edition is entitled "The Power of Softness". In Hebrew, the book is entitled Otzmat HaRakut (Modan Publications).

Dr. Browning also developed a theory that examined social phenomena from a different angle, wherein she investigated the effect that the “fear of gentleness” has on social behavior. She wrote her findings in a book entitled Femophobia! How Women Have Become Men – On the Fear of Fat, Fear of the Feminine, and the Collapse of Society’. It was originally written in English.

On 1998, Dr. Browning based the International Training School for Holistic Pulsing, a center in Israel promoting self-growth, and a school for training practitioners of The Power of Softness Holistic Pulsing method. She taught and gave advanced training in the method to practitioners, workshop leaders, and teachers.

Dr. Browning passed away in tragic circumstances     

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